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This Just In from Tallahassee
Update from Tallahassee
The 2014 Legislative Session Preview
The Legislature starts March 5, 2014 ..Accomplishments




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We have comparable rent surveys for all 67 counties in Florida. FMO members receive a 25% discount! Don't forget to log in above if you are a current FMO member to receive your discount   .

FMO Accomplishments
Since 1962, the FMO has made great strides for manufactured/mobile. Some of the highlights of our efforts are featured here   Accomplishments


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FMO Membership Benefits
Even though FMO is a member-funded organization, most of the things we do affect every manufactured home owner in Florida. Think about it, thousands of people are supporting an organization whose accomplishments benefit over one million others who don't.

Of course, membership has its advantages, and we offer many valuable services to our members, including lobbyists in Tallahassee, a preferred provider program, an informative magazine, a discounted emergency road service, and the association of others who are willing to come together to fight for your rights.

An annual membership costs just $22 ($1.83 per month), a fraction of its worth.

FMO News
One of the most popular benefits for our members, the FMO News is a publication devoted to the manufactured home owner's lifestyle. Each issue contains current information on legislative issues, legal cases and consumer concerns. The magazine is published bi-monthly. Some articles in past magazines are:
  • Candidates and endorsements
  • Tie-down safety issues.
  • Beware of scam artists.
  • Tired of telephone solicitations?
  • Consumer Fraud: Don't become a victim.
  • Court upholds homeowners' rights in La Buona Vita.
  • Mediation: Is it worth the effort?
  • Is your park owner keeping you in the dark?
  • HUD issues—Proposed rules on housing for older persons.
  • Homeowners: Be prepared for evacuation orders.
  • Check insurance coverage for elective coverage charges.
  • Non-Florida residents: Do you know your rights?
  • FMO needs your assistance: Federal Bill will stomp on consumer rights.
  • Selling your home: Understanding the market and your Realtor.
  • Who is liable for recreational facilities?
  • Financial reporting in subdivisions.
  • Summer fires threatened mobile homes.
  • What to look for in a tie-down inspection.
  • A supplement to the FMO News, the Watchdog reports on late-breaking news and events. Usually published mid-month, the Watchdog is posted on the FMO Website so all members have access to the latest information that can affect their lifestyles.
Legal Assistance  
   Legal Questions and Answers  
  • In every issue of FMO News, FMO Legal Counsel responds to questions submitted by FMO members. These questions, accepted only from FMO members in good standing, cover a variety of topics reflecting the full spectrum of manufactured home living.
  • Workshops are offered for rental communities on subjects including negotiating with your park owner, management of your homeowners' association and understanding Florida Statute 723. For resident owned communities, the FMO offers a workshop on managing your resident owned community.
Resource Materials
  • Do you need advice on negotiating with your park owner?
  • Do you want to know how you can stabilize your rent?
  • Do you want to get a satellite dish, but you don't know if your park's management will allow it?
  • Do you know exactly how you're taxed?
  • Do you want to learn how to form a homeowners' association?
These are just some of the topics covered in the literature that's been prepared by our lawyers and staff.

The FMO Resource Material Order Form contains many helpful publications concerning manufactured home living. Subjects include legal issues, laws protecting manufactured home owners and much more. Most publications are accessible to members FREE through the "Members" section of this Website; these forms can be downloaded and printed. If a member requires a hard copy from the FMO office, however, some publications cost between $2 and $8 to cover the cost of printing. Nonmembers pay an additional $2 for each item.

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 Preferred Provider Programs
At FMO, we're always looking for ways to save our members' money. One of the most popular is our Preferred Provider Programs, which gives members the opportunity to get more bang for their buck on many items and services.

Save lots of money on many items such as financial planning services, Medicare and long-term care insurance.

Cross Country Motor Club

Since 2000 FMO has been affiliated with Cross Country Motor Club (CCMC), the largest privately held motor club provider in the USA. Thousands of members have already signed up for the Motor Club Membership and have praised Cross Country for its efficient, fast service. For the small annual fee of $30 added to your FMO membership dues, you can take advantage of the comprehensive and dynamic benefits offered by this motor club.

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