Terms & Abbreviations

HUD – US Department of Housing and Urban Developement

FMO –  Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida Inc.

NMHOA – National Manufactured Home Owners Association Inc.

MHCC – Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (HUD)

FMHA – Florida Manufactured Housing Association (land-owners / landlords)

DBPR – Department of Business and Professional Regulation

MH – Mobile Home (built prior to June 1976) or Manufactured Home (built since June 1976)

MHP – Mobile/Manufactured Home Park

ROC –   Resident Owner Community

HOA –    Home Owners Association –  two types:

              Chapter 723 – homeowners association under the “The Florida Mobile Home Act”

              Chapter 720 – homeowners association, under the “Homeowner’s Association Act”

Chapter 723 – Fl. Statute governing tenancies in MHP

Chapter 720 – Fl. Statute governing tenancies in ROCs, Co-Ops, or MH Sub-developments

Chapter 617 – Fl. Statute governing not-for-profit corp.

Chapter 607 – Fl. Statute governing for-profit corp.

ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution

FS – Florida Statute

FMHRC – Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corporation

FLAROC – Florida Resident Owned Communities.